Become a Build Partner

Our Installer Process

At Green Cheese, we are revolutionizing the solar industry with our commitment to transparency and fair pricing. We are growing rapidly, with a projected 1,000 installs per month by the end of 2023. As an installation partner, we provide turnkey projects so you can focus on making money. We offer Full-Service Installation for $0.50/watt, and all of that money goes directly to our installers for labor and balance of system (BOS). The average Green Cheese build is 10 kW, which means $5,000 for the installer. We are creating a network of five-star solar installation teams and service providers across the United States to make solar energy more accessible. Join us to claim install-ready solar jobs in your area and benefit from our low expenses.

Warranty Service & Payment Terms

If a piece of equipment needs to be replaced, we request that you make yourself available to facilitate the equipment exchange within 30 days of receiving the new part. The customer will pay up to $70/hour for the labor costs, as per the contract, and these payments will be made directly to you, the installer.

We pay 80% of the total install fee after installation is complete and pictures have been provided. We pay the remaining 20% after PTO and offer;

  • Direct billing.
  • Net 7 payment terms.
  • Direct deposit of funds.
  • No kickbacks or platform costs.

Terms, Requirements, Expectations

In order to become a Green Cheese Partnered Installer, you must meet certain criteria and accept our terms. In order to ensure efficient and streamlined processes, we will need to apply for permits using your licenses. This is a mandatory requirement and cannot be altered.

  • Must be a licensed general contractor.
  • Must have or operate under a master electrician license.
  • Must offer and sustain a 10-year workmanship warranty to all Green Cheese customers.
  • Must perform installation within 30 days of accepting the job.
  • Must submit pictures of every significant step in the installation process.
  • Must onboard customers to Enphase Enlighten app.
    Must supply BOS materials

Dedicated Account Support

We’ve made the solar sales process easier and more efficient by eliminating the need for a commissioned salesperson and streamlining back-office procedures with technology. Customers can get a quote online using our AI calculator, review sizing options, and provide us with all the information needed to get the engineering permit packs. We handle site design, engineering, permitting, and equipment procurement, and ship everything directly to the customer. On installation day, a Green Cheese Partnered Installer will install the system and connect it to the grid. We use Q-Cells panels, Enphase microinverters, and IronRidge racking equipment for all our systems. We also offer Enphase batteries but don’t require them; in fact, we rarely recommend battery storage. Let us take care of the details so you can enjoy the savings.

3 Strike Rule

As a Green Cheese Solar Partnered Installer, you are a representative of our company and we take this responsibility seriously. If you do not fulfill the job according to our terms and conditions, or if a customer files a complaint that is not resolved promptly, you will be removed from our install network immediately. If there are three complaints that do not need to be addressed but still reflect poorly on your service, you will also be removed from our install network.

Partner Application

We are presently committed to developing a self-acting Green Cheese Install Network platform. This advanced system will automatically list new project opportunities – each entry includes the address and deal value. These projects are open for selection, specifically tailored to your geographical location. 


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